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The award-winning, master-planned community of Palencia is one of the most desirable and breathtaking communities in the country, let alone Northeast Florida. Croc Painting is proud to serve the residents of Palencia with the very best interior and exterior painting services. Quality, service, and integrity are the hallmarks of Croc Painting, and they explain why we paint more homes in Palencia than a lot of the “other” guys. Residents of this community have exceptional taste and expect nothing but the best; fortunately, that is what Croc Painting offers—the best interior and exterior painting in Palencia.

One of the ways we differentiate ourselves from other painting companies—and another reason Palencia residents trust us to paint their homes and businesses— is our commitment to employ only the best painters available. We do not assume someone with painting experience will meet our high standards or the high standards of Palencia’s discerning residents. We never subcontract our services to inferior painting companies; every job we complete is done by our crews of expert residential and commercial painters.

As part of our commitment to raising the bar for residential and commercial painting services, we promise:

  • Fair, accurate estimates and pricing on all our projects.
  • Your bill will never be more than your written estimate.
  • Courteous and conscious workers (you will never be left cleaning up after our crews).
  • We hire trustworthy employees that are drug tested and all pass background screenings.
  • All our expert painters receive the best training and continual job education.
  • We only use the highest quality paint and equipment for lasting, beautiful results.

Call or contact us online today to request your free painting estimate. We offer competitive prices for professional-quality painting services for the entire community of Palencia. You will be glad you chose Croc!

Exterior House Painting in Palencia, FL

Residential Painting Services for the Palencia Community

Palencia was recently honored with a prestigious Best in America Living Award from the National Association of Home Builders, and it’s easy to see why. Incorporating the area’s lush natural beauty, Palencia is a lush paradise that feels far enough away from “big city” yet close enough to enjoy the best dining, shopping, and amenities around (the community resides just 11 miles northwest of Downtown St. Augustin and 30 miles southeast of Jacksonville). Of course, you don’t need us to tell you about Palencia—after all, you live here and we just paint here—but our goal is to let you know that we truly appreciate and understand the community, as well as the needs of residents like you.

Speaking of residents’ needs, we understand that many residents will need approval from the Palencia Property Owners Association (POA) and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) for exterior repainting. The one exception is repainting with the same color as previously approved by the ARB. If you want to freshen up old paint but don’t necessarily want a new color, we can determine the existing color of your home and apply a fresh coat without needing to get POA/ARB approval.

For exterior painting projects in Palencia that are subject to POA/ARB approval, we offer the following advice to help streamline your submission and increase the likelihood that your proposal will be approved: According to the Palencia ARB, the palette of exterior paints and stains for each residence “shall be selected to complement, coordinate or harmonize with the colors of building materials which are used in their natural state, such as brick, stucco, stone, copper, etc.” The ARB may also require you to modify or change your proposed color to “harmonize with the existing color palettes of existing.” In either case, we offer color consultation services that can help you identify the perfect colors for your home that will pass POA/ARB review.

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